ITHSA specialised short courses have been carefully developed with some of the leading organisations and companies in the hospitality and tourism sector. They meet extremely high standards and ensure students studies are relevant and effective.  They provide students with the professional skills to equip students to do their job better and improve career prospects.

If you’re looking for reasons to sign up for one of these programmes at your nearest training provider, here is some motivation:

  1. Save Time and Money

It’s not rocket science that choosing a short programme will cost you less than if you were to embark on a 3 year course, so the commitment isn’t as daunting. Also with short courses taking far less time, you can complete multiple courses adding even more value to your CV.

  1. Test a Career Path

Short courses allow you to acquire the skills needed to  start a new career  in a shorter time than needed to complete a degree or diploma.  This allows you to start earning that vital salary that much earlier and providing you insight into the field of tourism.

  1. Enhance your Current Career

A short course will teach you work-related skills that you will be able to use to build your career by learning specialised skills related to your profession and keep up to date with the latest developments in your profession.  Enhancing your skills could also allow you to qualify for an increase in salary or even a promotion.

  1. Kick-Start your Learning

Short courses are a perfect way to start your learning process, allowing you to engage in subjects while you decide if is the right path for you.  Short programmes provide you with modules that can sometimes be used as credits if you do want to continue learning and purse that diploma or degree.

ITHSA offers the following short programmes

  • VA-Earth – Virgin Atlantic’s course in travel geography
  • VA-1 Fares and Ticketing – Virgin Atlantic’s course in manual fares & ticketing
  • VA-2 Advanced Fares and Ticketing – Virgin Atlantic’s course in complex fares construction
  • Sabre GDS – create, retain, retrieve and amend complex travel itineraries via Sabre GDS system
  • International Travel Reservations – combines Virgin Atlantic travel geography,  fares and ticketing and Sabre GDS

Whichever you choose, you’ll receive training that will provide you with the professional skills to help you do your job better and improve your career prospects.

Take a look at the full list of ITHSA Short Learning Programmes

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