Study Deadlines

If you are studying for the first time, it can be difficult adjusting to new deadlines and juggling a number of tricky modules at the same time. Follow these simple steps to organise your work more efficiently and you will not have to worry about how to meet university deadlines.

Buy a diary

Write down everything you have to do to keep track of your work. Include due dates and work out precisely how long you think it is going to take you.

Make a study timetable

Study now or later? You don’t have to dive head first into an assignment as soon as it is received, but it will help if you have a rough guide for what you want completed and by what date. Create study blocks for research, and when lectures and seminars revolving around the project will take place.

Be organised

Reread and write up any scruffy lecture notes and ensure all work is filed away correctly. Being able to pinpoint particular notes on subjects will save you lots of time in the long run and help complete assignments in the most efficient way possible.

Don’t become lazy

Your deadline for particular piece of work might be two months away, but don’t underestimate how quickly time can disappear without even beginning a project. Map out what you want to complete and by what date, which brings us on to…

Find a happy work/life balance

University is about taking part in a wide range of activities, not just studying. Ensure you see friends, take part in events and enjoy a night out. University is intended as a full-time job – that means studying up to 35 hours per week and enjoying leisure time during your evenings and weekends.

Get enough sleep

Despite the need to also let your hair down, make sure you get enough sleep. Eight hours of sleep per night will do you the world of good ahead of a busy day of essay writing and note taking.