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CTHs’ Academic Director, Angela Hagenow, received a warm welcome from the ITHSA team in the Cape Town offices South Africa. During a two-day workshop, which was facilitated by Angela, the ITHSA team felt empowered with CTH knowledge which Angela shared. The outcomes of the inter-active workshop conducted at the ITHSA offices with the ITHSA team and Angela proved to be a valuable experience for CTH and ITHSA in terms of key suggestions to the alignment of current ITHSA work processes to CTH processes and policies.




Angela’s extensive knowledge of the Culinary Skills Programme, is greatly appreciated as she left the ITHSA team feeling confident in our product knowledge in the Culinary Skills space. After two days extensive product, process, and policy knowledge empowering at the ITHSA offices in Cape Town, it was time to hit the road to visit our training providers in Johannesburg.




CTH visit 2The CTH Academic Director, Angela Hagenow, accompanied by ITHSA Business Development Consultant, Lesley Ann Kriel, conducted various ITHSA provider site and courtesy visits during our two days stay in Johannesburg.


Included on this list of provider visits, was the newly accredited ITHSA centre, Prestige College. We also had the privilege of being in the company of our new provider while we introduced Angela to a South African steak for dinner. Joined by ICB business consultant in Johannesburg, Mandisa Gumede, the evening was spent engaging in business discussion topics of which valuable points were raised in terms of implementing marketing strategies for the ITHSA programme offerings in South African schools. After much chatter, dinner was eventually served, and it was time to relax and enjoy the meal.


On day two, Angela, myself and Mandisa conducted a site visit at the international Hotel School, in Sandton, Johannesburg, where the friendly front desk consultant greeted us. Thereafter, we were given a tour of the Kitchens, which proved to be of high quality. Chef Candice Adams, head chef facilitator of the JHB campus engaged in a key discussion regarding the Culinary Skills and Arts programmes. Prior to our visit, a skype call meeting was arranged with the College Dean, Jolanda Bierman, to meet Angela and briefly discuss academic related topics. Angela shared her knowledge and experience during our meeting and was dearly thanked by the Dean, for selecting the International Hotel School to be one of her site visits.


cth visit 5Our next provider, welcomed us with chocolate and velvet cupcakes and tea which we enjoyed thoroughly. The ladies from the CTU Training Solutions, were thrilled to have us there and once again, showed their appreciation with the inter-active discussions which took place that afternoon.


Angela certainly left our ITHSA providers feeling motivated and positive. I anticipate that our new business figures for ITHSA will increase significantly next year.

With the industry knowledge and the CTH experiences that Angela shared with us, it assures me that we are on the road to success.



We recently came across an article discussing some of the challenges, solutions and rewards that come with working in the marketing and PR team at a hotel. The article raised some good points about dealing with challenging situations.

Measuring success can be difficult because success is relative; take the tourism industry for example, every year, lists titled ‘top tourist destinations’ or the ‘most successful tourist destination’ are printed.

Technological advancement has been moving at extraordinary speeds over the last couple of decades. New industries have emerged and existing ones are changing.

Entrepreneurship is an ability that can be cultivated through your every day interactions, through studying at school or through work based learning. However, before committing to it, there are a few things to consider.

Our ITHSA Academic Manager, recently attended the Open Day at the International Hotel School in Cape Town.

The ITHSA had the privilege of being invited as a VIP guest for the 2017 Graduation Ceremony at Rosebank College, Pretoria. The ITHSA level 3 Tourism and Hospitality Management programme, is an international qualification certified by the CTH in the UK.

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Tourism Deputy Minister Tokozile Xasa says her department has various programmes aimed at capacitating young people to be absorbed into the hospitality industry.

These, according to the Deputy Minister, include food safety, tourism buddies, chefs and sommeliers.

Speaking at the 6th Edition Hotelier Summit Africa, on Friday, Deputy Minister Xasa said: “Our investment in skills development and training is essential to create a solid base of young, well qualified black people who will be equipped with the necessary skills to both advance into management positions and to be better prepared to be the business owners and entrepreneurs of the future”.

Deputy Minister Xasa said as government, they are encouraging increased investment in the tourism arena, where there is huge scope for growth.

“From the government side, tourism is one of six core pillars of economic growth and key part of the National Development Plan, which captures our vision for 2030 to reduce poverty and inequality.

“We are looking at a partnership approach that recognises that this is a creative industry that should not be stunted through government regulation,” she said.

The Deputy Minister said government expects the industry partnerships to help transform the economy by creating jobs, alleviating poverty and reducing inequalities.

“We participate in a number of international tradeshows which gives us the platform to sell our destination and engage in Joint Marketing Agreements. Tourists are attracted to destinations by experiences and offerings,” the Deputy Minister said.

She said visitors’ experience impacts on the destination’s reputation and that the experience is a factor of quality in both offerings and services.

“As the gateway to Africa, we are committed to boosting this sector as a growth catalyst both economically and socially. We will continue the enhancement of regional tourism integration in our goal to forward the African agenda,” the Deputy Minister said.

SAAAC students have had an active year completing their CTH Diploma in Travel and Hospitality. Not only did students work hard in the classroom, they were also afforded the opportunity to travel to Namibia and the North West Province. Here they were exposed to the real travel and hospitality world. The success continued with the college achieving a 100% pass rate for the CTH Diploma in Travel and Hospitality.