The ITHSA is the official representing agent of the CTH and hence we will be able to assist you with the process of accreditation, registering of students and programme information.

To get started, the training provider needs to make contact with the ITHSA Business team, the consultant will provide the training provider with the ITHSA accreditation application.

ITHSA provider accreditation, this is the procedure:

  1. Complete the ITHSA accreditation application form in duplicate, submit one copy to the ITHSA and retain a copy for your records.
  2. Pay the Provider accreditation fee via EFT then save a copy of your proof of payment. This needs to be submitted together with the application form to ITHSA.
  3. The application pack can be sent either by post or electronically to A VAT invoice is available from ITHSA upon request.
  4. Once your application is received by ITHSA a desktop review is conducted and then a site visit is conducted.

After a successful site visit, ITHSA will make the recommendation to CTH for accreditation.

The centre accreditation fee is R 7700.00.  This fee is inclusive of the site visit, CTH application fee, a full set of materials for students and lecturers and an accreditation certificate.

Please feel free to contact our Business Development Consultant Mitchell Miles via email: if you require more details on how to get accredited.


What programmes does the ITHSA offer?

We offer the following three study streams, that are registered on the United Kingdom’s National Qualifications Frameworks:

  • Management Programmes in Tourism and Hospitality
  • Culinary Programmes
  • Short Learning Programmes


What makes ITHSA programmes different?

What makes ITH courses different, is that we offer more than just theory, but an informed view of life in the field of tourism and hospitality. Students leave feeling prepared emotionally and intellectually for the task of serving others. The ITHSA offers a set of progressive internationally recognised programmes such as Management Programmes in Tourism and Hospitality, Culinary Programmes or Professional Skills short courses.

Our courses are endorsed by important industry figures and brands, including Gordon Ramsay and his Tante Marie Culinary Academy, Virgin Atlantic, the Star Alliance, Sabre and many more.


What will I get if my application was successful?

As an ITH training centre, you will receive full support from us including but not limited to:

  • Advice
  • Accreditation support
  • Registration of students for assessments and exams
  • Distribution of learner tool kits
  • Help to grow student and centre base in SA
  • Seek local endorsements for qualifications
  • Develop relationships with industry experts in SA
  • A Facebook page of over 6000+ interested students to market to* – post about your college on our page for a limited time only!
  • Registered with the OFQAL in the UK, all programmes can be offered through face to face classes or distance learning
  • All programmes come with a full set of learning material for both the college and students
  • These vocational based courses that are easy to manage from a college perspective as the assessment is either via an assignment or an exam that is set and marked in the UK.


How does the assessment work?

These vocational based courses are easy to manage from a college perspective as the assessment is either via an assignment or an exam that is set and marked in the UK.  As a South African provider, you will receive full support from the SA office.


What is a non-credit bearing short course?

A non-credit bearing short course is a type of learning programme for which no credits are awarded.

The ITH non-credit bearing short courses: 

In order for the CTH programmes, which are OfQual registered qualifications in the United Kingdom, to be offered by training providers in South Africa, we have entered into an agreement with the CTH that facilitates the offering of each of the modules per qualification to be offered as stand-alone non-credit bearing short courses or short learning programmes. These will need to be marketed as such and learners will need to be advised that the short learning programme does not carry any credits towards a South African qualification.

What can be offered?

The following are the standalone programmes that providers can offer with the following titles:

a. Short Learning Programme: Essentials of Human Resources and Business Computing in Tourism and Hospitality
b. Short Learning Programme: Essentials of Marketing and Customer Relationships in Tourism and Hospitality
c. Short Learning Programme: Tourism and Hospitality Industry
d. Short Learning Programme: Essentials of Tourism and Hospitality Studies
e. Short Learning Programme: Finance in Tourism and Hospitality
f. Short Learning Programme: Customer Service Management in Tourism and Hospitality
g. Short Learning Programme: Global Tourism and Hospitality
h. Short Learning Programme: Travel and Tourism Operations
i. Short Learning Programme: Travel and Tourism Supervision
j. Short Learning Programme: Travel Geography
k. Short Learning Programme: Destination Analysis
l. Short Learning Programme: Rooms Division Operations
m. Short Learning Programme: Rooms Division Supervision
n. Short Learning Programme: Food and Beverage Operations
o. Short Learning Programme: Food and Beverage Supervision

For further details please email for an ITH consultant to contact you.

The Chartered Institute of Tourism and Hospitality southern Africa (ITHSA) is the southern African representative of the CTH in the UK. The ITHSA provides a number of services on behalf of the CTH.