All the modules in your course are assessed via a combination of assignments during the course and/or exams at the end of each module. All exams and assignments are set, marked and moderated by the CTH in the UK.

Register for courses and exams

At the same time that you register for courses with your chosen college, you will need to register with CTH for the assessments that take place at the end of every module.  Everyone studing the Level 4 or higher qualification is required to register as a Student Member of the CTH. Your college will advise you on programmes, workload and fees and help you with all the necessary forms.

When your CTH membership is approved, you will be sent a letter confirming that you are a student member, as well as a CTH membership card which displays your unique registration number.

You will need to quote your registration number in any correspondence with the CTH and it must appear on all your assessment work and exams.

Learning toolkits

When you register for a Management Programme, you will be sent a learning toolkit.  This contains a huge range of resources to help you study and do well in your course.

Your Learning Toolkit is included in your assessment fees and will contain about 600 pages of handouts, case studies, exam guides and revision materials.

Course-related materialsAssessment support materialsAssessment revision materials
Tailor-made module handouts
Lecture slides with speaker notes
Real case studies and industry examples
Articles showing how to apply theory in practice
Sample lecture session questions and answers
Assessment overview notes
Past questions and answers
Assessment preparation materials
Assessment revision kits
Questions and answers
Revision cards
Module summary cards
Mini case studies.

Exam / assessment dates

There are four rounds of exams every year – in February, June, September and December.

Some assignments and exams may be arranged on demand. Please speak to your training provider for more information.

Assessment, assignments and exams

Depending on which course you are studying, you will be required to submit various assignments.  The assignments could be in different formats, either research based or practical.

You will be assessed on your research, presentation and self-study abilities as well as your understanding of the course material.

At the end of most programmes, students will sit final exams or submit final assignments.  These are marked by the CTH in the UK, who awards the certificates to you.

Exam results and certificates

Exam results are released to the colleges around 8 weeks after the final assessments.  You can check these dates on the timetable below.

You will be awarded one of four grades for each subject you write: Distinction, Merit, Pass or Fail. If you get a Distinction, Merit or Pass, you’ll receive a formal certificate from the CTH. Actual percentages are not provided.

If you have been granted an exemption for an entire qualification, no certificate will be awarded. (Contact your College to find out more about exemptions for prior studies or work experience.)


  • Register for Courses & Assessments

  • Get your Welcome Pack & Learning Toolkits

  • Confirm your Exam / Assessment Dates

  • Write Assessments, Assignments & Exams

  • Get Exam Results & Certificates

Be sure to contact your College directly for the 2022 Timetable and Fees.

ITHSA Assignment Submission Deadline Dates 2021
Exam SeriesStudent Membership registration deadlineStudent Membership Renewal deadlineStudent
Last Exam/ Assignment registration deadlineExamination
Exam papers sent to ITHSA withinAssignment Submission & Culinary Evidence Deadline (To be received by ITHSA)Result declared
December 2021Students must be registered with the CTH for each programme within one month of starting the course or progressing to the next level25 Oct 20211 Nov 202115 Nov 20216 Dec – 9 Dec 202124 Hours of the exam sitting22 Nov 202128 Jan 2022