• Why can’t I send my application to the ITHSA/CTH directly?

    Every student must be assigned to an approved ITHSA training provider. They will help you register for our courses.

  • When are the exams and how do I register for them?

    We recommend you ask your training provider when their deadlines are for exam registration. Exams are held five times a year. Depending on your course, there may be assignments too, which will also be part of the exam sessions.

  • Do I need to re-enrol every year?

    You do not need to re-enrol – your CTH number will be with you throughout your studies, you will however need to renew it after each year. Please note if you are doing a Level 3 Programme or short course you are not required to become a student member.

  • When will my results be declared and to who?

    The results declaration date is the date results are declared by CTH and sent to your College. Your College will need to collate the information and complete their own administration, before the results will be available to you. Please check with your College when they will be releasing results. The general rule is that results are available six weeks after the assessment date.

  • Can I study any exams/assignments myself?

    No, to study one of our courses, you must be registered at one of our accredited centres. These training providers and their qualified, experienced staff will give you teaching and support to help you in your studies. Please see our list of approved centres.

  • What if I miss any of the deadlines?

    Speak to your training provider. They will contact the CTH on your behalf.

  • Can you email me my results or give them to me over the phone?

    No – your training provider will give you your results.

  • Can I appeal my results?

    Yes you can – speak to your training provider about submitting an appeal form.

  • If I fail a course, can I get feedback about what I got wrong?

    Yes, you can submit a request for feedback on the errors you made. Please apply for this at your training provider.

  • Will my qualification be recognised globally?

    CTH course are accredited and regulated in the United Kingdom and are also endorsed by industry players like Virgin Atlantic and the Radisson hotel group all over the world.

  • Are the CTH qualifications registered on the South African National Qualifications Framework?

    No, the CTH qualifications are UK-registered qualifications, and have not been registered in South Africa. The individual subjects of the UK qualifications are offered in South Africa as short learning programmes.

  • Help - I’ve lost my certificate!

    No problem! Ask your training provider if you can order a duplicate. They will let you know how much it costs.

  • I’ve passed a course and now need duplicate Certificates or Statement of Attainments.

    Let your training provider know what you need and they will contact us on your behalf.

  • How can my new College or University verify that I really have a CTH qualification?

    Please contact the CTH to verify your qualification.

  • What universities can I go to?

    Take a look at the CTH’s University Pathways information to see which universities will give you credit for your CTH qualifications.