Restaurant Manager

We recently came across an article discussing some of the challenges, solutions and rewards that come with working in the marketing and PR team at a hotel. The article raised some good points about dealing with challenging situations, therefore, we decided to widen the scope. In this article we’ll be looking at 5 different roles in the hospitality industry, identifying the challenges and the solutions that come with the roles. Of course, there’s usually more the one solution to a problem, however, take a look at the ones that we’ve selected below.

1. Front of House

Challenge: Managing multiple priorities at the same time.

The front office is usually the first point of contact for guests and therefore it acts as a representation of the hotel. The front of house staff have to manage and coordinate with different parts of the hotel, so prioritising tasks are important.

Solution: This is where social skills are key. If you’re dealing with more than one customer, you will want to engage with them effectively enough to where they feel they are not being ignored and potentially ask your colleagues for assistance if need be.

2. Concierge

Challenge: Keeping up with what’s new and interesting in the city.

Dealing with guests and making recommendations are part of the role of a concierge. For example, one concierge at a luxury hotel was once requested to help find an elephant for a wedding ceremony. Not every request will be as flamboyant as that one, however, it is important to know what’s what.

Solution: The more you know, the better you can serve your guests. Make sure you’re familiar with the popular attractions in the city, but don’t stop there, familiarise yourself with some of the lesser known but enjoyable activities so you can offer something different. Taking note of any changes to anywhere your recommending is also helpful; how embarrassing would it be to recommend somewhere that had closed down.

3. Waitstaff

Challenge: Handling disgruntled customers

Handling customers is a part of being a waiter/waitress, you’re the person they vent to if something is not to their liking, so turning a bad siutation around is important for waitstaff.

Solution: Be open and engaging with your guests complaints, they are paying money and therefore expect a certain quality. Though the quality of the food may not be down to you to be ready to offer your customers something extra. In fact, read Yummy Love Journey’s previous featured article on customer service.

4. Hotel Marketing & PR

Challenge: Maintaining a respectable image of hotel

Due to the influence of social media on the hospitality industry, hotel marketing and PR teams are expected to be able to engage with customers via these platforms. Customers expect quick responses and good service.

Solution: It’s important to understand your companies policies and practices to be able to respond to customer complaints and queries efficiently. Usually, the marketing a PR staff are given a certain amount of discretion, so based your responses on what the company practices will allow.

5. Hotel Manager

Challenge: Creating and maintaining team cohesion

As a hotel manager it’s your job to make sure that everything is running smoothly. Making sure that guests are satisfied and staff are doing what they are supposed to

Solution: Every manager has there own techniques to managing their team but it can be even harder in a hotel where staff regularly have to do overtime. By finding a way to keep staff members happy through benefits, rewards and activities can go a long way in maintaining team cohesion.