ITHSA 12 Days of giveaways

12 Days of ITHSA Xmas Giveaways!

12 Days of ITHSA Xmas Giveaways! Every week day from Thursday 7 December to Friday 22 December one lucky person will win a mystery prize by finding our little Xmas Snowman hidden somewhere on the ITHSA website and every day he will be hiding…
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A Visit from CTHs’ Academic Director, Angela Hagenow

CTHs’ Academic Director, Angela Hagenow, received a warm welcome from the ITHSA team in the Cape Town offices South Africa. During a two-day workshop, which was facilitated by Angela, the ITHSA team felt empowered with CTH knowledge which Angela shared.

A Career in Hospitality: Challenges to the job

We recently came across an article discussing some of the challenges, solutions and rewards that come with working in the marketing and PR team at a hotel. The article raised some good points about dealing with challenging situations.
Short Courses

ITHSA Programmes and Short Courses

In order for the CTH programmes, which are OfQual registered qualifications in the United Kingdom, to be offered by training providers in South Africa, we have entered into an agreement with the CTH.
Success in Travel
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Measuring Success in the Tourism Industry

Measuring success can be difficult because success is relative; take the tourism industry for example, every year, lists titled ‘top tourist destinations’ or the ‘most successful tourist destination’ are printed.
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The Future Tech in the Travel Industry

Technological advancement has been moving at extraordinary speeds over the last couple of decades. New industries have emerged and existing ones are changing.
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Should Laptops and iPads be Used for Exams?

What if all you needed to write an exam was a laptop or tablet? This probably doesn’t sound realistic, however, the world renowned, Cambridge University have recently piloted exams based on typing rather than handwriting.
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Entrepreneurship: Where to Get Started?

Entrepreneurship is an ability that can be cultivated through your every day interactions, through studying at school or through work based learning. However, before committing to it, there are a few things to consider.