4 Reasons to study an ITHSA Short Course

ITHSA specialised short courses have been carefully developed with some of the leading organisations and companies in the hospitality and tourism sector. They meet extremely high standards and ensure students studies are relevant and effective.

4 Reasons to Become a Culinary Arts Professional

Are you mesmerized by watching those cooking shows on TV? Maybe you want to cook a steak as well as Bobby Flay or bake a cake as well as any of the other celebrity chefs or Food Network stars.

10 Student New Year’s Resolutions (That Flop)

Every student has one or more New Year’s resolutions they intend to implement for the coming year of studies. If you are a student, let’s see how many of these 10 resolutions you can relate.

Getting to know the hospitality industry

For a long time, the hospitality industry has had to make do with its notoriously tough perception, but is there more than meets the eye? Typically associated with long hours and its tough nature, the hospitality industry can be considered…

5 things you should do to be successful this academic year

January marks the start of the new school year, or at the very least a new school term/semester. Just in case you want a helping hand, here's 5 ways to be successful this academic year, broken down with 5 easy quotes.

Career Opportunities with Culinary Qualifications

The ITH Culinary programmes provide students with both the theory and practical cookery skills needed to pursue a career in the field of Professional Cookery. We explore 10 career options these qualifications can give you access to. Commis…

Young people urged to be part of tourism sector

Tourism Deputy Minister Elizabeth Thabethe has called on young people interested in the tourism sector to approach her department for more information and for assistance in establishing their own businesses.

Why the growing tourism industry needs international qualifications

There's been a lot of discussion over the last few years centered around tighter regulations on travel and tourism, as well as immigration; with topics such as Brexit being the buzzword for the past year. Some conclusions have arguably been overstated, others, possibly not; nevertheless, the international tourism industry is still thriving.