• Effort

    150 learning hours

  • Modules

    3 modules

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    Registration Dates and Tuition Fees (which are separate to the exam fees) are set by your Training Provider.

The short course in International Travel Reservations is a combination of Fares and Ticketing by Virgin Atlantic and Sabre GDS.  Together this combination of course material sets the standard in training for people who want to enhance their travel industry skills or join the travel industry, providing students with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the VA-Earth, VA-1 and Sabre GDS, combining online study with practical exercises, creating, retaining, retrieving and amending complex travel itineraries.

  • None required


  • To be able to locate a country on a world map.
  • To match a capital city with its country.
  • To name further major cities in specific countries.
  • To place each country in the correct continent.
  • To identify each of the five oceans of the world.
  • To provide essential and useful information about each country in the world.
  • To provide stimulating information about the major cites of the world.


  • Define IATA geographical areas and Global Routing Indicators.
  • Calculate fares applying the fundamental principles of the mileage system.
  • Identify differing fare types and their characteristics.
  • Select the lowest applicable fare for point to point itineraries with reference to fare rules.
  • Interpret various airline codings.
  • Construct fares using NUCs and the IATA Rates of Exchange for a range of currencies.
  • Identify all automated tickets, from tickets to ATBs and OPTAT/TAT and interpret all relevant information.
  • Interpret all MPDs/MCOs.


  • Access the Sabre system.
  • Request and interpret availability and timetable screens.
  • Book the most suitable flights for the client’s itinerary.
  • Input mandatory and optional information.
  • Add, amend and cancel passenger information and requests.
  • Recognise different fare types.
  • Access and apply the relevant fare rules.
  • Obtain the most appropriate fare quote for the itinerary’s requirements.
  • Interpret the booking history.
  • Work with the Sabre Queuing System.


  • VA-Earth
  • VA-1
  • Sabre GDS

ITHSA Module Completion Certificate

CTH Programme Certificate



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